July 17, 2024
poultry feed pellet making machine

The feed pellet size unit mainly adopts the ring die poultry feed pellet making machine, and the feed pellet size control also mainly depends on the ring die feed pellet machine.

Pellet length is an important quality evaluation index. For finished feed, the neat length can not only meet the needs of feed sales, but also meet the needs of breeding.

In practice, according to the needs of actual users and the variety of feed, the requirements for the length of pellet feed are also different. What this article is going to talk about is the four factors that affect the pellet length of RICHI feed pellet machine.

poultry feed pellet making machine

1.Yield factor.

When other parameters remain unchanged, the higher the feed pellet yield, the longer the pellet length and the shorter the pellet. Therefore, in order to meet a certain grain length requirement, it is a feasible option to adjust the output of the poultry feed pellet making machine.

In actual production, the same is true for manufacturers, sometimes sacrificing a lot of output in order to meet a certain grain length requirement.

2.The influence of ring die speed or rotation speed.

When the particle size, ring die speed, and ring die speed are inversely proportional to the pellet length, when the output is constant, the faster the ring die speed, the shorter the transient time of the generated pellets, and vice versa. For various types of SZLH series ring die poultry feed pellet making machines, the rotational speed of the ring die varies greatly. 2-12mm.

At the line speed of the ring die with small particle size, the quality of the pellets obtained is higher, but the particle size is larger. At this time, a crumbler can be added to the poultry feed pellet making machine to reduce the length of the pellets.

3.The effect of ring die aperture and porosity on pellet size.

The ring die pore size has no direct effect on the pellet length, it has an effect on the length in combination with the number of openings. The higher the opening speed of the annular die hole, the shorter the pellets and the longer the pellets. In the production of small particle size pellets.

For example, the particle size of the prepared shrimp is 1.8 mm, and the resulting pellets are too long, which is due to the low opening rate of the ring die corresponding to the small aperture.

4.Influence of ring die inner diameter, effective ring die width and particle density on particle size.

The density is related to the raw material for granulation and also to the compression ratio of the ring die, but the particle density is not very different. For the same granulation raw material, the larger the particle size obtained, the shorter the pellet length. In fact, the poultry feed pellet making machine has many uses, and it can also be used as a corn stalk pellet machine for processing cattle and sheep feed.

Can corn stalks be used as cattle and sheep feed? Listen to what the old farmers who have been farming for many years have to say?

For cattle and sheep farmers, the choice of feed is still more important. If the seriously lignified corn stalk is eaten directly by cattle and sheep, it will not only affect the digestive ability of cattle and sheep, but also cause nutrients to be absorbed by cattle and sheep normally. So can corn stalks be made into cattle and sheep feed?

Here, we will discuss corn stover feed crusher and poultry feed pellet making machine for corn stover. So what are the benefits of corn stalk feed pellet machine?

First, the corn stalk powder can be pressed into pellets by the poultry feed pellet making machine for corn stalk, and the high temperature generated by the poultry feed pellet making machine can also promote the maturation of the pellet material and increase the palatability of the feed. It is a delicious food for cattle and sheep.

I believe that many farming friends will have some questions when they see this. Why corn stover powder? Because for corn stover, its volume itself is relatively large. If the corn stalk granulator is forcibly inserted, it will not only cause serious wear and tear of the machine, but also affect the manufacturing effect.

So here is a reminder that before using the poultry feed pellet making machine for corn stalk, the corn stalks should be dried and then crushed.

Mr. Li is a professional cattle farmer who has been raising cattle for 20 years. He also has his own experience with raising cattle. Mr. Li said: “It used to be that when there were few sheep, the weeds on the hillside were enough. It was also very fresh. (Hot product: cat litter making machine)

The cattle and sheep ate very well. But later, the feed was not enough, so some pasture was used instead. Some forages are seriously lignified. Cattle and sheep not only grow slowly, but also suffer from indigestion after eating.

Then one day, I came out of someone’s house and saw a lot of straw piled up in the field, so I wondered if I could use the straw that others didn’t want as feed. After many inquiries, I realized that a poultry feed pellet making machine for corn stover can help with this conversion. So I tried to use a small poultry feed pellet making machine set.

The finished pellet material not only increases the feed intake of cattle and sheep, but also helps farmers in our village have no place to put straw. Kill two birds with one stone! ”

In fact, poultry feed pellet making machine is widely used as corn stover feed pelletizer. It can not only be used as cattle and sheep feed. It can also be used as animal feed for rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, fish, pigeons, etc., with low cost of raw materials. (For more: Richi Pellet Machine)

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